Our Standards

Our Values

The Gainz Bakery LIVES by the “Golden-Rule”. We treat others how we’d like to be treated, we cook food the way we’d like to eat, and we provide an experience and true caring the way we’d like to be cared for from a restaurant and a community.

We strive to provide our clients with a truly amazing experience every time they walk into the Gainz Bakery. Whether it’s our coffees with house-made sugar free/dairy free creamers, our protein smoothies, baked goods, made to order breakfasts or lunches, or our prepared meals to-go. We take no shortcuts in anything we do. There’s a reason behind every ingredient we use.

Our kitchen is 100% Gluten Free. No gluten containing products enter the building. No use of traditional sugar is used.

Everything in our kitchen is house-made. We do this so it allows our chefs and nutrition staff to adjust foods and recipes that are macro-friendly. It also allows us to choose and negate certain ingredients.

Our meals are properly portioned and weighed every time. We provide macro-nutrient levels for everything in our kitchen

Gourmet Prepared Meals

Our meals are made 100% in house, 100% gluten-free and 100% whole food based. Over the course of many years Ross and Elaina have developed their own strategies to manipulate and “hack” traditional flavors and cuisines in order to fit their diet and lifestyle principles. The Gainz Bakery also implements a zero food waste approach to their culinary vision. Everything from each ingredient is used. All meals are made fresh, accurately proportioned, and labeled with the macronutrient content of each meal (online). The Gainz Bakery has many principles and mottos we use, one of them is that everything on the plate, alone is amazing. The Gainz Bakery GUARANTEES superior, true culinary cuisine that is affordable and perfectly healthy.

How The Prepared Meals Work

We take the guesswork and the work completely out of your hands. You can either stop in-store to grab any number of meals or you can order online to prepay and reserve your meals. Meal options and macronutrients are listed under each option.

Our Standards

  • Everything is house made and gluten free. No traditional flours or sugars are used in our cooking
  • All food is cooked the night prior to pick up
  • We offer two options Low Carb and Balanced Meals
  • All food is weighed properly.
    • 4-4.5 oz Protein
    • ½ Cup complex Carbohydrate
    • 1/2 Cup Veggie
      • No complex carbs for low carb meals, 1 Cup of veggies
  • Macronutrients will be located under each meal option. These are a very educated estimate for the macro content. All meals and items are made buy hand, not by machines, with that said there is always the possibility of slight variance.
  • Calories- To find the calories amount, add the carbs and protein and multiply by 4. For fat calories, multiply the grams of fat by 9. Add all values up.

Eating Instructions

  • Store in a refrigerator between 33 degrees and 45 degrees.
  • Avoid multiple temperature changes
  • Meals can be consumed up to 7 days, for optimal fresh, consume within 3 days.
  • Freezing meals is an option.
  • Reheating – All food can be microwaved between 60-90 seconds depending on microwave power. Leave on lid but, vent one corner

Ordering and Payment

  • All orders made online will need to be picked up before the close of business on the day of the order. All food not picked up will be donated. NO EXCEPTIONS  and NO REFUNDS!!
  • The menu items are available from Sunday-Saturday. Each option is first come, first serve. There are no minimums and maximums on orders. 
  • All orders must be completed online or in store. No orders will be placed via text, email, or social media. No exceptions!

Custom Prepared Meals

  • Custom meals are only available for lifestyle and diet coaching clients through the Gainz Bakery’s trainers and coaches. No exceptions. However, our made to order meals can be custom made for your diet.


All orders made online are to be picked up on the same day. Our meal service is basically a gourmet, 5-Star restaurant that offers its cuisine to-go. Just like a to-go order in a typical restaurant, orders are not able to be held to the next day. All orders made online must be picked up same day. No exceptions. No refunds. All food that is not picked up will be donated,

*In occasions where a customer can simply not make it to pick up their meals, The Gainz Bakery will attempt to hold the customers meals for one day but, cannot guarantee this due to the volume of clients and lack of space. In these circumstances, the customer must call the Gainz Bakery and speak to Elaina, Ross, or a team manager to see if the team can accommodate the request.

**Nutritional Disclaimer:

Dear valued clients, please note that Gainz Bakery & Gainz Cafe are not medical professionals. We do our best to be as accurate as possible with providing the nutritional information for our products; however due to the handmade nature of our products, the nutritional information may vary slightly. We expressly disclaim that we will absolve ourselves from any and all liability of any kind.

The Gainz Bakery LLC proudly offers house-made sauces produced and bottled by The Flavor Gang LLC.