Don't let the name fool you! We are the first gluten-free, vegan fitness bakery. Our goodies are ACTUALLY good for you and can fit into any diet.

NO ADDED PROTEIN! This whole added-protein trend has gotten out of hand. It’s time for a break! Yes, amino acids and proteins are essential to life but, these days protein is now the easiest, most marketed nutrient. Our Vegan, Gluten-Free, and low carb (coming soon) treats are meant to be supplemented in the place of 2/3 of your macronutrients of a balanced meal. We recommend you add a healthy, lean source of protein to the side of 1 serving of Gainz Bakery Goodies.

The only gluten-free, vegan bakery in the world that gives you REAL food supplements. Nothing powdered, nothing you can’t find in the grocery store.

Supplements for your sweet tooth, diet, and on the go nutrition.

100% Money Back

Not satisfied with the product you purchased? We offer instant refunds to all customers.

All of our goodies are hand-made

To ensure freshness all orders are shipped Monday through Thursday. All orders made after Thursday 12 p.m will be shipped out the following Monday.
You can ask for a refund within the first 7 days of the purchase date. No questions asked.

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Follow our delicious journey!

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We are always looking for people to share our passion with, people to grow our mission to change the world.

Email us at TheGainzBakery@Gmail.com

We will send you a questionnaire and ask you to tell us about yourself. We need to see if you are a good fit and share some of our core values and principles.

Due to our shipping method, orders are only produced in quantities of 4 to 10 items. You can mix and match what ever flavors you'd like as long as the total equals between 4 and 10 items.