About Our Mission

What is Gainz Bakery & Cafe All About?

The Gainz Bakery & Cafe is a brand of unique baked goods and delicious healthy meals. We cater to all diets, lifestyles, and food allergens. We make it delicious and convenient to live YOUR lifestyle.

Our Mission...

In our country, America, the majority of people are overweight, under nourished, and very unhealthy (in all aspects). That should NOT be the case, unfortunately, due to so many factors it’s not simple, easy, nor affordable to be healthy or change your life.  Our mission is an extremely large one, yet simple. We aim to positively change the way people view and consume food, we aim to slowly help Americans ditch pharmaceutical drug medications and slowly begin to take back their lives. Give them freedom.

We want to enlighten, educate, make people healthy and happy!

The Gainz Bakery LLC proudly offers house-made sauces produced and bottled by The Flavor Gang LLC.