What is the Gainz Bakery?

The Gainz Bakery is not your typical food establishment. It is a bakery, cafe, a gourmet restaurant and offers a prepared meal service. The Gainz Bakery accommodates to all food allergens, food restrictions, and all diets. Gainz Bakery is completely transparent on what products/ingredients they use, where they come from, and the macronutrients (protein, fats, carbs) for each item. In short, the Gainz Bakery is a functional medicine establishment that provides the community with the opportunity to heal themselves through food, diet, and education.

We are NOT a meal prep company. We are a gourmet, high quality restaurant that allows our amazing clients to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner prepared by our superior cooking staff. Our cooking staff makes everything that is edible the star of the plate, whether it’s the veggies, the starch, the protein or the sauce.  Everything is seasoned and cooked properly. No frozen veggies here!

The bakery provides clients with speciality baked goods that fit into popular diets; vegan, paleo, keto, whole-30. The bakery items, made to order meals, and prepared meals to-go are backed by our nutrition and diet expert as well as our executive chef.

In early 2015,  The OGB (Original Gainz Bar) Muffin was developed (like most products) to solve a problem. A problem Ross and many others struggle with…..

  1. A deep craving for sweets
  2. The aftermath of indulging

It all started back in 2015, Ross was experiencing some adverse effects from the “diet” treats he had been indulging in, thinking they were “healthy” or “better for you” because they were high in protein and low in sugar but, when in reality the truth is that those products are full of additives, proprietary blends, and highly processed ingredients.

Elaina thought there had to be something better. After, searching high and low the limited amount of options that offer wholesome, clean ingredients were very limited and super expensive. She immediately began analyzing Ross’s diet. Sweet potatoes, oats, and olive oil were some of the staples. Two key factors of his diet plans are no sugar, and no processed foods. Eat Real Food!

After trial and error, Elaina presented a creation to Ross. He was hesitant, he knew that “healthy” versions of baked goods are easily identifiable and just don’t quite do it for people. A few bites go by, Ross utters, “…and these have no sugar?…No dairy?…No flour?” Correct, Elaina replies. “Seriously?!” To say Ross was shocked would be an understatement. Elaina had created the ultimate “thing”. The OGB Muffin.

Light bulbs went off like lightening bugs on a summer night. Ideas were roaring.

After Ross devoured entire batches at a time with ease. He recommended Elaina start testing out different flavor profiles with a variety of fruits, toppings, and measurements to make it a perfect macronutrient containing food.

At this time, Ross was working as a person trainer. A handful of his clients were young kids in the middle school, high school age. Ross’s main goal to those clients were to be a mentor, a big brother, a role model.

One day Ross was driving his client, Max, to their training session. During the ride, Ross was eating these ‘OGB’s and he could sense Max was staring at them. Max was curious. Max abruptly asked, “what are you eating?”. Ross replied, “these are ‘OGBs’ bro!”. “OGBs? Can I try?”.

From years of training youth, Ross knew the majority of kids did not like the foods that were in ‘OGB Muffins’, and it was always an uphill battle trying to educate them on nutrition when so many kids are addicted to sugar and processed foods. Ross answered Max’s question, “Sure but, I doubt you’ll like them”.

Max took one bite. His reaction was priceless. Instantly, his eyes got so big. “Wow, what’s in these?!” “Sweet potatoes, oats, olive oil, and some fruit”. “Are you serious, these are amazing”. Max proceed to ask for a couple more.

After this strange event, Ross went to Elaina and told her what had happened in the car. They both agreed that if this young, picky, pre-teenage kid loved our goodies, we had something promising.

This began an onslaught of ideas, visions, goals, dreams, all in effort to build something bigger than just baked goods. Something that truly could change the world. Yes, we honestly, humbly want to change the world.

The Gainz Bakery LLC proudly offers house-made sauces produced and bottled by The Flavor Gang LLC.