Shipping Info:

All orders are shipped Monday through Wednesday. We only ship on Thursdays when the USPS can guarantee a 2 day delivery.

All items are packaged in an eco-friendly insulated box liner with reusable frozen gel packs. Our products are packs in biodegradable containers.

Storage: We recommend freezing items upon receiving and can be frozen for a max of 3 months. Refrigerated items will hold up to a week post delivery.

Due to the absence of any preservatives and the make up of the natural ingredients, spoilage may occur. Due to those circumstances, we urge all customers to plan out their consumption of the items.

Eating instructions: Although you can consume Gainz Bakery items at room temperature, for best results, we recommend microwaving or toasting until warm.

Items received: Due to the variables of our shipping method, we unfortunately cannot guarantee perfect item condition upon arrival.

If your order has been severely damaged to the point where you cannot enjoy your items, please take pictures of the damaged shipping box, container, and items and email them to Please include your contact details and order number/receipt. We will ship you out a new batch of items as soon as our shipping vendor processes the claim.

We apologize for any inconveniences, and we hope you greatly enjoy our products!