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*Our menus change daily*

General Information about our Prepared Meal Service…

Gourmet Prepared Meals

Every Saturday evening the GB Fit Fam Team launches the weekly “Signature Prepared Meals Menu.” This menu & ALL menu options can be found in our online order app. (See above)

Our meals are made 100% from scratch, in-house, 100% gluten-free and 100% whole food based. The Gainz Bakery also implements a zero food waste approach to their culinary vision. Everything from each ingredient is used. All meals are accurately measured & made fresh with a shelf-life recordation of 3-5 days or frozen for up to 30 days. Estimated macros are listed in the descripition of each menu option or can be customized for our Made-2-Order Specials.  

 First come first serve on all meals. There are no minimums nor maximums on the number of meals you may order. However, if we do run out of some of the meals, don’t worry, the menu will be restocked the NEXT day! Please read below for extensive information on this service.


How the Prepared Meals work.

We take the guesswork and the kitchen work completely out of your hands. You can either stop in-store to grab any number of meals or you can order online to prepay and reserve your meals. Meal options and macro-nutrients are listed under each option.

Our Standards

Eating Instructions.

Ordering and Payment

Custom Prepared Meals

Policies. All orders made online are to be picked up on the same day. Our meal service is basically a gourmet, 5-Star restaurant that offers its cuisine to-go. Just like a to-go order in a typical restaurant, orders are not able to be held to the next day. All orders made online must be picked up same day. No exceptions. No refunds. All food that is not picked up will be donated,

*In occasions where a customer can simply not make it to pick up their meals, The Gainz Bakery will attempt to hold the customers meals for one day but, cannot guarantee this due to the volume of clients and lack of space. In these circumstances, the customer must call the Gainz Bakery and speak to a manager to see if the team can accommodate the request at that time. 

Custom allergy requests can only be made for made-2-order specials.