Want To Join The Squad?

So, you want to join the Sauce Squad and revolutionize how we eat on a diet? That’s great but, Gainz Bakery is only selecting a limited number of individuals to represent our brand, mission, and products.

We are looking for charismatic, genuine people. We are looking for honest, creative, hard working people. We are looking for REAL people. Lastly, we are looking for people to help grow with us.

Steps to joining the Sauce Squad

Step 1- Email us at: TheGainzBakery@gmail.com

Subject Line – “Joining the Sauce Squad”.

Message – I want to join the team

  • Include your first & last name
  • Include your instagram name
  • Include anything interesting about yourself and why Gainz Bakery should pick you.


Step 2 – We will email you over the the rules, expectations, and details of having the honor to be on the legendary squad.

Step 3 – After returning the desired information, Gainz Bakery will make a decision whether you will be accepted or not. If you are not accepted it may be due to numerous things, so feel free to reapply after a few months. Remember, we are only selecting a few people. We are a small company and need to control the supply/demand & product quality relationship.